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Possible renovations at Shreveport parks, but mayor still shuns dog park


Mayor Cedric Glover joined by other city representatives laid out their proposed plans for possible enhancements to local parks at the Red River Waterway Commission meeting Wednesday morning. The list of ideas did not include a dog park, which the mayor says is not a priority of the city.

A list of ideas for renovations at local parks such as River View, Stoner Woods, and Hamel Memorial Park was presented to the commission in hopes of gaining support for future funding.

Renovation ideas include rest rooms at River View Park, a possible pavilion at the park for outdoor concerts, and new trails for mountain bikers.

"When you have kids they want to use the rest rooms but they don't have anywhere to go, so I think that the restrooms would be an excellent idea for them to bring down here," says park visitor Natasha Roberts.

As the mayor tries to garner support for the newly proposed ideas, supporters are still looking for his support on the Shreveport dog park project.

"You have the money right in front of your face, and you choose to say no and you choose to just forfeit it," says Cynthia Keith with the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance.

The commission has already set aside money back in June to break ground on a dog park, but the Mayor is yet to give the project support.

"The dog park is not on the city's list of priorities. It is not a project that has been listed or submitted by the city of Shreveport," says Mayor Glover.

If the Waterway Commission chooses to fund any of the new projects it will not alter the funding already set aside for the dog park.

The Shreveport Dog Park proposal is on the agenda for the next City Council meeting on September 25, 2012.

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