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Sept. 10th: KSLA News 12 It's Mandatory Editorial

What part of mandatory don't people understand?

When a mandatory evacuation is issued…that means anyone in the affected area needs to get out. But still, we see this in our newscasts.

People, stranded on the roof of their home…waiting to be rescued. This behavior not only puts them and their families in danger…but is puts emergency personnel in danger…when they have to make heroic efforts to save them.

This latest video was taken during Hurricane Isaac. Now for some people…the evacuation order was issued too late for them to get out. But CNN reports 100 people southeast of New Orleans simply ignored the evacuation order and then had to be rescued.

Putting lives at risk is the main thing…but these rescues also cost money…money you and I end up having to pay in our taxes.

Let's remember…emergency procedures are put in place for a reason.

I'm James Smith.

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