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Cafeteria Report Cards: Haughton schools

This week KSLA News 12 is checking up on Haughton schools to see what's cooking in their cafeterias. There are four schools in Haughton, and they were all inspected in the same week back in March. Three of them made the cut but one dished up several violations.

Haughton High School knew the recipe for success, they had zero violations. TL Rhodes Elementary School fired up a flawless inspection.  Haughton Middle School wraps up the perfect scores in Haughton. Health inspectors turned up the heat on Platt Elementary School. They had three violations.

Marylyn Southern walks us through the violations on the list. First on the list was ranch dressing that was not labeled or dated. Next it says food was not stored in a clean covered container. Lastly it says a food scoop was constructed without a handle. They start each day by wiping down the tables, rinsing foods off, and washing hands.  "We also have a sample tray that we keep for 72 hours, every day so if there are any issues with the children then we have that to fall back on" Southern says.

The sanitizer in the sink has to be strong enough to kill the bacteria but mild enough to not make your kids sick.  "Everything air dries" Southern says.  Holding food temperatures at their safe hot and safe cold temperatures in the serving lines is very important. "Your danger zones are between 42 and 165 degrees so I keep all of the meats over 165 and all my items cooler than 42" Southern says. All of their violations were corrected while the inspector was there.

KSLA News 12 will grill a different district every Monday on KSLA News 12 This Morning to make sure they are serving up food that is safe for your kids to eat. To look at the reports for each Haughton school, just click the links below. 

- Haughton High School

- Platt Elementary School

- TL Rhodes Elementary School

- Haughton Middle School

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