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Sept. 6th: KSLA News 12 Red River District Editorial

Tucked underneath the concrete surface of Texas Street stretching through the heart of Downtown Shreveport, is the Red River District.

The public space has actually been in private hands for years, owned by the El Dorado Casino.

Now, it's changed hands and is officially under the city's control and expect big changes - or so Mayor Cedric Glover is promising.

With it's concrete bridge pillars covered in murals, and the loud noise from the traffic above, some might think the 'district' is more of an alley than a public space with potential.

Not mayor Glover, who has pledged an immediate clean up of the area many avoid because of its appearance and lack of commercial incentives. In fact, only two restaurants call the 'district' home - at least for now.

I think the original idea for the Red River District was a good one…and I hope the new plan succeeds.

It's important to learn from past mistakes…and make the area a place we would all like to go.

I'm James Smith.

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