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Preventing PMS with pork and beans


Some interesting remedies are said to get rid of every day ailments such as Premenstrual Syndrome.

Brandi Shaneyfelt suffered from PMS for years before she finally had a hysterectomy five years ago.

"It was very painful. Sometimes it was debilitating. You'd have to go home and go straight to bed," said Shaneyfelt.

She said it made doing anything impossible.

"Sometimes it was worse than Midol. Sometimes you had to have pain medicine and a heating pad and a bed," she said.

Although those symptoms can be very severe, the answer could be as simple as pork and beans. This comes from a study from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. It revealed pork and beans are rich in Thiamine and Riboflavin, two B vitamins which could prevent PMS.

Dr. Kathleen Dupper is a family practice specialist who focuses on women's health issues.

"That's what's kind of nice about this study is that it provided something simple, something healthy, something safe and potentially very effective," said Dr. Dupper.

The study also indicated the results are not the same if the supplements are given in pill form. Dupper said the study should be looked at very cautiously.

"It's key, though, to point out that this is a study that's looking at prevention, not necessarily an acute treatment, when someone is in the midst and throes of the symptoms themselves," explained Dupper.

This is one remedy that couldn't hurt, calling for a three ounce serving of lean pork and a cup of cooked beans on a regular basis.

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