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East Texans plan on wearing white despite Labor Day rule


The first Monday in September means a day off to observe the final days of summer it also means the end of a popular summer trend.

After Labor Day wearing white is no longer fashionably acceptable.

"Typically white was clothing item you'd wear during the summer because it was lighter and it was cooler to wear," said Isaiah Harvey.

Historically when people left the city for summer vacation their clothes were light, bright and comfortable.

 At the end of summer when it was time to go back to work, clothes got darker.

"Whenever you start getting into the fall you started using darker colors because they are more professional," said Harvey.

 Since the1900's the rule has been no white until Easter.

 I talked with some local residents to find out if wearing white after Labor Day is a fashion do or don't.

"I'm wearing white pants tomorrow just because I honestly don't care," said Jarrod Henderson.

"I don't really follow the not wear white rule because I don't really understand why it matters that much its just a color," said Emily Avritt.

 Sarah Ferguson works at the Spotted Zebra and she says fall is the time to get out of your comfort zone.

"You definitely don't want to wear too bright of colors or neon colors, More darker colors greens, dark blues, browns you don't want to be too bright in the fall," said Ferguson.

 But trying new things may not be for everybody.

"I'm going to be out wearing my white pants because they're one of my favorite pairs of pants," said Avritt.

 "I feel like you can wear white pant anytime its necessary now in these days trends are different and styles are different," said Harvey.

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