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One family, three storms later


More than 80 people are calling the American Red Cross shelter at L-S-U-S home. K-S-L-A News 12 spoke with one family that has evacuated three times from their south Louisiana home, and they do not plan on moving back.

Petrice Trent and her family have been seeking refuge at the L-S-U-S shelter since Sunday after leaving their home in Tangipahoa.

"Our lives are more important than the material stuff we left behind," says Trent.

Patrice, her fiancé, and three children have endured Katrina, Gustav, and now Issac. Each storm seems to be more difficult than the last.

"How could I ever move forward if I cannot get past the storms," says Petrice's fiancé.

The family has become frustrated as money begins to run low, but Petrice says she does her best to shield those frustrations from her ten year old daughter Sakarya. Sakarya spends her days at the shelter playing with the American Red Cross volunteers, and for her she is taking the experience in stride.

"Be happy that your in a safe place. Don't be sad at least you got something," says Sakarya.

The family does not plan on moving back to South Louisiana, instead they will head up north once they are back on their feet.

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