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Jourdan River Shores residents boat to their homes


People in Jourdan River Shores, once again, have to get around by boat instead of cars. Anything not moved to higher ground is somewhere under the water.

Residents estimate more than five feet of water covered the streets and flowed underneath houses on Wednesday.

Jan Breaux and her family weathered Isaac inside their home, which has a canal on two sides. While the water came up high, luckily it did not get inside.

"It's always hard. You watch the water and you look at it get to different levels. One minute you have nothing on the slab and then, literally, five minutes later you have six inches."

"We didn't think the storm was going to be as bad," Breaux said. But when asked if she would have stayed if she knew it was going to be this bad, she said, "That's a tough call, it's been very smooth so far. We are very well prepared."

Johnny Alison also opted to stay home. 

"I just took a boat and walked in the first night because it was only down to my knees and then by five that morning it was waist high."

On Thursday, his house was still surrounded by water.

Despite the high waters many residents took boats or even jet skis and waded waist deep to get to their homes to see what they could salvage.

"We didn't know what to expect, that's the reason we came and we wanted to see what happened, what it looks like, what kind of damage it had and we had close to five foot of water," Homeowner Kenny Fazzio said.

Despite the heartbreak and the mess bad weather creates for these residents, they all share the same feeling.

"We love it, we love it and it's not going to change," Breaux said.

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