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Laplace residents react to deadly shooting


The community of Laplace woke up to terrible new Thursday. The loss of two local sheriff's deputies. While many residents are heartbroken over their tragic deaths, Friday they found the strength to start rebuilding their lives.

With the law enforcement flag flying at half staff, dozens of people from across Laplace gathered at the St. John Sheriff's Office for a blood drive. It's all in support for two deputies killed and two others injured in the line of duty Thursday morning.

"This is a great tragedy. It is in my opinion, very senseless," said Cendria Purvis-Jackson, a Laplace resident.

A senseless crime that's affected the victim's families as well as strangers.

"I don't need to know any of them because they're all our friends. They are there to help us... to protect us," said Eugenio Garcia, a Laplace resident.

The shooting hit especially hard for men and women of the law in Laplace and around the state.

"The only difference between police officers is the color of the uniform...the shape of the badge,"  said Lt. Tim May. "And it's a brotherhood no matter where it's at in the country, we're a brotherhood. It's a heavy hate to see this happen."

The Louisiana Federal Credit Union in Laplace is where several deputies go for day to day banking. After hearing Thursday morning's  terrible news, Rhonda Hotard says she and her staff felt they had to do something to help immediately.

"We have set up accounts. It's separate accounts for each one. And we also have links on our website where people can go in and make donations," said Hotard, with Louisiana Federal Credit Union.

Several people ventured out into the storm to personally make their donations.

"I just feel really helpless. And they gave so much for us, it was the least I can do," said Danielle St. Martin after she made a donation.

"It was just appalling to me that something like this could happen to individuals that put their lives on the line to protect us every day of their lives. So I felt like I needed to do some part to help the families out," said Robin Pritchard after she made a donation.

A community coming together, trying to help each other heal from this tragedy.

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