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Shreveport near drowning victim returns to school


She has been called a miracle child. It's a word that truly describes Shelby Patrick. The nine-year-old Shreveport girl nearly drowned in June after falling into a swimming pool. Two months later, she lives life like a normal kid and that includes going back to school.

Many of Shelby's classmates and teachers at South Highland Magnet have not seen her since the tragic accident that almost claimed her life. It was an emotional reunion. When KSLA News 12 arrived at her fourth grade classroom on Monday we could here the sweet sounds of her laughter. It was a sound many of her teachers thought they may never hear again after her survival from the swimming pool accident looked slim. The tragedy rocked her school family.

"It made me think what would I tell the next students that came through my door and how would I tell my own children," said Lisa Hollins, Shelby's teacher.

Shelby does not let her past affect her. She acts like a normal nine-year-old and was overjoyed to hug her friends on the first day back to school.

"I was excited about seeing my friends and teachers and all the staff and just come and hang out and do some work," said Shelby. "I'm really excited about working and the homework."

Her teachers described her presence in their classroom with one word.

"It's truly miraculous," said Kathy Martin, Shelby's teacher. "That word has been used very casually but I think seeing it here is really emotional for all of us."

"It's a true testament that God's miracles are still alive and well everyday. He's still working and moving," said Hollins.

Shelby suffered only minor side affects from her near drowning, including some speech problems.


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