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Shreveport dog park vote delayed again

SDPA rally at Government Plaza (Source: SDPA Facebook) SDPA rally at Government Plaza (Source: SDPA Facebook)

A Shreveport City Council vote on creating a dog park has been delayed once again. The latest delay came during a city council work session on Monday.

According to council member Jeff Everson, council staff has been working on a few clarifications in the dog park agreement, and they still need more time. It already has been pushed back multiple times.

In July, dog park advocates held a 'Pup Rally' at Government Plaza to promote their efforts as well as to gain signatures for a petition to present to the council.

The chief supporter of the park, Shreveport Dog Park Alliance, has been meeting with city officials to approve a park that would be located at Hamel Memorial Park off Clyde Fant Parkway.

Funding for the park, a $280,000 project, has been approved by the Red River Waterway Commission.

A sticking point has been with Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover, who has said multiple times that he thinks that the Waterway Commission money should go up elsewhere, such as putting up warning signs for swimmers along the Red River.

Now, the council's vote has been delayed until further notice.

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