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Names released in officer involved shooting


Police say the man who was shot and killed by Shreveport police officers on Wednesday night was named Elijah Haggerty.  Before that, they say Haggerty shot a woman named Jolette Frazier at her home in the 9200 block of Cade Drive.

Lashonda Hardy, who lives across the street from where the shooting happened said a group of kids ran in her house to let her know that something was wrong.

"Our neighbor came outside running, and he was scared, and I instantly called the police, and then we heard gunshots," she said.

Police say Haggerty forced his way into the home and shot Frazier.  Then he dragged the wounded woman outside, left her there, and went back in the house. The two had been romantically involved in the past, and neighbors tell us they had a child together.

Police say 3 children were in the home during the shooting, but none of them were injured.

"All the kids were outside. They were playing. The actually saw when the guy pulled up and went in the house, and one kid might have actually seen everything that happened.   The other kids, when the gun went off they came running up in my house," said Hardy.

When police arrived they found the suspect inside the home. They say he lifted his gun up, and that's when two of the officers shot, hitting him at least once. Haggerty died at the scene.

Even though the suspect in the first shooting is dead, the Shreveport police department says they will still investigate the officers involved to see if they acted appropriately.

"We're going to investigate them as we would any shooting. We're  going to look at the same evidence, review all the same information that's gathered, and ultimately work with the district attorney's office to determine the outcome," said Bill Goodin with the Shreveport Police Department.

Three officers have been placed on paid leave while the investigation is ongoing.  Those officers are Sgt. David Recchia, Officer LaBrian Marsden, and Officer Ted Jamison.

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