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Day 1 of testimony in Eddie Jackson kidnapping trial wraps up

ON TRIAL: Eddie Lee Jackson (Source: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office) ON TRIAL: Eddie Lee Jackson (Source: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office)
MISSING: Tracy Winslow MISSING: Tracy Winslow

Day 1 of testimony in the Eddie Jackson kidnapping and arson trial wrapped up early Friday evening.

Jackson is charged with second degree kidnapping and simple arson in connection to the 2011 disappearance of 30 year old Tracy Winslow.  She was taken from outside an Oil City apartment where she lived with her mother.

Several witnesses took the stand, including three who testified about cell phone records.  They detailed text messages between Jackson and Winslow from the evening before she disappeared.  They also testified about Jackson's location when he made several phone calls that evening to Winslow and the friend who picked him up from Shreveport close to where Winslow's car was found burning.

The prosecution's opening statement began with a timeline of the night Winslow is believed to have disappeared. Prosecutors say she had visited with friends in Shreveport, taking in a football game with friends, including her new boyfriend.

Jurors will be hearing from that new boyfriend, who says he was on the phone with her as she headed back to Oil City. He is expected to testify that when she pulled up, he heard Eddie Jackson in the background ask why she hadn't been calling him back. He heard a scuffle, and he says she said she would call him back. No one has ever heard from her since.

Two of the three children Winslow shared with Jackson are also expected to take the stand.

They'll testify about a Thanksgiving 2010 incident in which they saw Jackson hit Winslow over the head with a gun, and fired several shots. That's the night they say Jackson kicked her and the kids out, and they went to live with her mother, who is disabled. 

Also expected to take the stand, a longtime friend who says he picked Jackson up from Shreveport after Jackson called him asking for a ride because his work truck had broken down. He is expected to testify that he offered to help Jackson with the truck, but Jackson turned that help down, and that he never saw the truck itself.

In their opening arguments, prosecutors also point out that a deputy who went to Jackson's house after Winslow's car had been found says were knocking on the door to tell him what had happened when he pulled up in the work truck.

The defense takes their turn at opening statements next. Jackson has pleaded not guilty to simple arson and aggravated kidnapping.

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