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Dept. of Education notifying parents who qualify for vouchers


Parents who applied for the statewide voucher program are checking their mailboxes. Notification letters went out last Friday, but many will walk away empty handed.

The Louisiana Scholarship Program, also called the Voucher Program, is supposed to give parents a choice to remove their child from a failing public school and enroll them in a private or parochial school.

But in many cases, there are more applications, than seats.

In Northwest Louisiana, three private schools are participating in the voucher program. Evangel Christian Academy has 80 seats available, St. Joseph Catholic School and Dreamkeepers Academy each have 4. All have been filled.

Wednesday on KSLA News 12 This Morning, a closer look at how many applied for the seats in those three private Shreveport schools.

Statewide, 10,467 families applied for the voucher assistance. According to the Louisiana Department of Education, there are only 7,400 seats available at schools.

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