Oil City man accused of kidnapping ex-girlfriend set for trial

Oil City man accused of kidnapping ex-girlfriend set for trial
Missing: Tracy Winslow
Missing: Tracy Winslow

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The Ark-La-tex man accused in the 2011 disappearance of his long-time girlfriend and mother of his three children will have his day in court starting Monday.

Eddie Jackson is charged with kidnapping and simple arson connected to Tracy Winslow's disappearance.

"I still just really can't believe that we're actually going through this," says Winslow's cousin Felicia Holden-Starkes. "I feel like ok we're going to have answers. The answers that we've been waiting for."

Tracy Winslow disappeared from outside her mother's apartment in Oil City the night of January 23, 2011. She was reported missing early the next morning, and hours later her car was found burning in Shreveport.

Known to most as "Biscuit," Eddie Jackson, has been the prime suspect since the beginning. He has pleaded not guilty.

Her mother says she remembers that night.

"I seen him when he came out there," Maggie Winslow tells us. "He went to my daughter's car. I seen all that."

She says if she would have known what was happening right outside her door, she would have gone outside.

"I couldn't have did nothing, but I'd have went out there. Maybe he wouldn't have did what he did."

"I don't feel like we're any closer than we were a year and a half ago to finding her," Holden-Starkes says.

Though Jackson is innocent until proven guilty, she believes there's nobody else to look at.

"It wasn't the fact that he was in love with her. It was the fact that he controlled her. And he lost that control. He could not bare the thought of her being with someone else, and that sent him over the edge."

Still, she says the family doesn't. She tells us they hate what he allegedly did.

"...I'm praying for him as well as I'm praying for his family because they're going through just as well as we're going through. None of us were prepared for this."

We will be there for this trial from start to finish. Stay with us on air and online for details from inside as they develop.

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