In ArkLaTex, mixed reaction to chaos in Colorado

In ArkLaTex, mixed reaction to chaos in Colorado

SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Undaunted by the nation's worst mass shooting early Friday at a premier of "The Dark Knight Rises"  in Aurora, Colorado, thousands of movie fans across the ArkLaTex still went to check out the film.

One viewer who saw an early afternoon showing Saturday at Tinseltown in Shreveport tells KSLA News 12's Tracy Clemons that the theater was practically empty.

Yet, Tracy found his share of moviegoers willing to share their experiences on Facebook.

Tanya says: "Saw Batman yesterday! It was great, but I do have to admit I looked around the theater a few times just in case someone tried to be a copycat."

Jennifer says: "It's a shame someone forever ruined the experience of the short escape from one's life that the wonder of watching a movie brings."

We'll know, for sure, how well the film did very soon, once results of this weekend's opening are released.

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