Hollywood South responds to Colorado shooting

Hollywood South reacts to Colorado shooting pt.2

The massacre in Colorado hits close to home for some here in "Hollywood South."

We talked to the president of Millennium Studios, Diego Martinez. He believes people know that movies like "The Dark Knight Rises," and even the ones shot in the Ark-La-Tex, are fantasy.

Martinez tells us he hopes what James Holmes allegedly did in Colorado had nothing to do with the actual movie.

"I'm sure everyone associated with that project is feeling horrible at this very moment, as most of us in this country are right now," Martinez says. "We would hate to see that happen to anyone in any situation. Particularly for us in this industry, happening at one of our projects or one of our shows would be pretty detrimental."

He also says one hope when making any movie is that what they're doing doesn't trigger anyone's mind to do anything like what Holmes allegedly did.

Martinez says he hopes people will look at this as one isolated incident and not associate it with the Dark Knight movie, or any movies with violence in them. He predicts the movie will still do very well at the box office despite what happened in Aurora, but that many people will soon start asking what this will do for the perception of the movie.

"It's a much anticipated project. It's going to do well no matter what. I hate it, but it seems like it's going to put a little mark on it of some sort. Again, until we find out what the motives were, we don't know what he was doing or why. But always will be associated with the fact that it was at the premiere of Batman."

He adds that he hopes this doesn't stop the concept of the midnight screening, which he says is a great thing for the industry.

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