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Viral Video: The scientific hangover cure

(WECT) – So many people across the nation were searching for a cure to a hangover online, it was trending on Yahoo Friday morning. But people weren't looking for just any cure – they wanted the scientific cure.

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Medlock created a fun and informative tutorial video on how they claim to avoid a hangover. According to them, their reasons are based on science.

Obviously, the easiest way to avoid the painful side effects from drinking alcohol is to not drink. But, with the upcoming holiday, chances are there will be celebratory drinks, so the pair offers some tips:

Start by eating fatty foods and carbohydrates before you drink

According to Moffit and Medlock, fatty foods slow down the absorption of alcohol and helps lessen stomach irritation. Carbohydrates are used to prevent low blood sugar and ease potential nausea.

Water is your best friend

Drink water before, during and after your night out. It's important to keep your organs, especially your brain, hydrated to prevent a headache. Drinking carbonated beverages, like soda, also increases your risk of a hangover.

Take aspirin before bed (but not Tylenol)

According to Moffit and Medlock, aspirin inhibits the release of prostaglandin, which has been shown to contribute to hangovers. Avoid taking Tylenol because acetaminophen can be harsh on your liver and can do severe damage on the organ in combination with alcohol.  

Have a breakfast that includes eggs, bananas and fruit juice

Eggs have an amino acid called cysteine that is required to breakdown alcohol into acetate, according to the duo. Bananas have potassium which is essential for your brain, muscles and body function. And fruit juice has vitamins and fructose to give you energy and increase the rate at which your body excretes toxins.

While Moffit and Medlock claim to have the scientific cure to hangovers, there is no shortage of supposed cures available. Let us know what your favorites tricks are in the comment section below.

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