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9-year-old girl remains critical after near-drowning at a Shreveport country club


A 9-year-old girl remains in critical condition Sunday after being discovered unconscious in a swimming pool at the East Ridge Country Club on Saturday afternoon.

It happened at an afternoon swim party at the country club. According to the Shreveport Fire Department:

SFD and Fire District Five responded to a report of "a young girl unconscious and not breathing possible drowning" at the East Ridge Country Club. When the units arrived on scene the child had been removed and by-stander CPR was in progress. The call came in at 2:37p.m. and Fire District Five arrived on scene at 2:44.

The Shreveport Fire Dept. also responded to render aid. The child was transported toWillis Knighton Pierremont, where she was reported to have a pulse. After receiving treatment at Willis Knighton Pierremont the child was immediately transported to the Pediatric I.C.U. at Willis Knighton South where she is remains in critical condition.

Fire Chief Craig Mulford said that this is a sad and tragic accident for all involved. In a statement released by the Shreveport Fire Department Saturday night, Mulford says he "wants to remind all our citizens young and old to follow basic safety rules while swimming and around water. As the summer approaches and the weather gets hotter our citizens in large numbers will be involved in water related activities."

Among the recommended safety precautions: Never swim alone, do not enter a swimming area if you can not swim and make sure that while swimming there is always a capable and trained person and responsible adult nearby.

Chief Mulford says the largest number of water related accidents and deaths can be prevented by being safe and vigilant while in the water.

Shelly McMillan and her organization Rock Solid, directs many of the Shreveport city pools. Her first rule of thumb for swimmers is "When in doubt, don't."

"If you're not sure about the level of your child being able to swim have them in a life-jacket, have them in floaties, have someone holding them," said McMillan.

City lifeguards also say if you cannot swim their advice is to not go into water deeper than your knee. Also, Horse playing or climbing on each other to wrestle should never happen, if you are not a great swimmer some type of floatation device is helpful, you should never swim alone, and finally learning C.P.R is always a plus.

"I think it's a great thing for all of us, regardless of what profession we're in, to be C.P.R, at least C.P.R knowledgeable," said McMillan.

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