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Sticky Buddy: "Does it Work?"

We love our pets, don't we? But we don't really love all the hair they shed, especially this time of year. Maybe you've seen the Sticky Buddy in those As Seen on TV commercials. KLTV 7's Joe Terrell saw it and just knew you guys were waiting on him to test out the commercials' claims. Here's this week's "Does it Work?" report.

The Sticky Buddy is really a glorified lint roller with a sticky rubber surface that actually isn't new at all. We've seen reusable, rubber lint rollers available for about 10 years. The thing that makes this product different is the addition of the built-in rubber fingers, apparently to work hair out of fabrics. We tested the sticky buddy at the Humane Society of East Texas figuring, if it will work there, it will work anywhere.

We found a chair that is frequently used by dogs and cats at the Humane society. The Sticky Buddy operates like a paper lint roller, but instead of peeling off the dirty paper you wash it off with water and then dry it. The stickiness comes right back.

On our third pass at this chair, we try out those rubber fingers. They pull some of the hair out of the fabric but not all of it. Trouble with this is, the sticky roller immediately needs washing again within just a few seconds of rolling it on the chair. So, it's back to the sink.

Commercials would have you believe removing the hair from the roller is as easy as dunking it in a sink of water.   That's not the case.  We have to rub and wash for a couple of minutes each time.  Not hard but not pleasant either.  We also create quite a mess in the sink. 

Also, we started noticing the Sticky Buddy's sticky surface started lifting off the roller along the edges.  And after just one use of the little rubber finger, some of the knobs started breaking off. 

Does it Work?  A paper lint roller is faster because you aren't constantly washing and drying it. Whatever I saved by not throwing away a regular lint roller's disposable sticky paper, I used up in paper towels cleaning up after myself. There's also the icky factor of rubbing the hair off the roller each time.  And I'm worried about the durability of the roller and the rubber fingers.

We give the Sticky Buddy a no. It's about ten dollars at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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