Monday Morning Makeovers

Coach Sam Harris of Arcadia is not your average Joe, he is big and tall and that is not all.

"He lost weight and I said this looks like something for him because he always says father's get shafted on father's day.  So this is a pre-father's day gift to him."

His wife Evet nominated him for our Monday Morning Makeover contest.

"You are going to be a great candidate with your sports enthusiasm I know I have to dress you accordingly.  We'll go from there and I am looking forward to working with you."

Lois Black, a wardrobe consultant for Steinmart sized Sam up for his new slimmer but sporty look after losing 50 pounds while on the Atkins diet.

"I am trying not to put any stripes on him because it is going to accent your size."

Sam's job as a social studies teacher and football coach for Lakeside Junior Senior High School requires him to endure extreme temperatures year round, so comfort is essential.

From dressy to "the golf look" Sam tried it all.  We can not show you which outfit he chose but it has something to do with a hat.

Annette Knight with Kamper's Korner admits Sam's size 14 foot was difficult to fit but she is find shoe perfect for him.

"It looks like it is wide enough.  Yeah it is fine."

Wish we could say the same about Sam's dull looking skin.  Over exposure to the sun's harmful rays has dried out his skin.

"You know that even though you have a lot of pigment in your skin you need sunscreen.  Have you not been doing that? no.

"A little TLC and buffing" from the skin care experts at Hello Gorgeous Health and Beauty Salon will do his face just fine.

"You are going to need moisturizer.  Were going to give you a facial clean, out your pores and put on a nice mask and put on some sunscreen.

"Skin care consultant Helen Gibson says Sam's new look is going to require some daily maintenance.

"You want to take care of your skin while you are losing weight also because it goes through a lot of changes when you are shrinking down a lot."

Helen and Sam decided to go with a look that slimmed down his face a bit.