Gumball kid's story hits national TV circuit

Gumball machine kid on national news

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FIRST BREAKING NEWS:  We've learned that a young boy was hit by vehicle while on a go-cart.  Life Air is flying the boy to a nearby hospital.  KSLA News 12's Fred Childers iJoin us at 10:00 for the latest.

Remember the story from yesterday on the little boy who got his hand stuck in a gumball machine.  We'll now he's nationally known.  We'll tell you how his sticky situation is being broadcast all over the country.

Bowing to strong public opposition, the U.S. Postal Service backs off a plan to close rural post offices after May 15, hoping Congress will back its cost-cutting plan that includes an end to Saturday delivery. The mail agency now says it will reduce operating hours at 13,000 rural locations instead, after a review process that could take months.

We'll introduce you to a Texarkana Federal Correctional Institute who gave President Barack Obama a run for his money in a West Virginia primary, winning four of every 10 votes Democrats cast.

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