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UGlu: "Does it Work?"


When it comes to little projects around the house, it really helps to have the right tools. But more and more, we're seeing little shortcuts hit the retail market, especially in the "As Seen on TV" market. This week, Joe Terrell puts one of those to the "Does it Work?" test.

The box says, UGlu combines the strength of super glue with the convenience of tape.

Perhaps one of the most popular uses for this product is to hold rugs in place on slick surfaces like hardwood floors.  We decided to try that first.

UGlue gives you 100 pieces.  Eighty of them are pretty tiny.  Twenty of them are three-inch strips and one of them is about the size of a three-by-four note card. 

We put nine three-inch pieces of UGlu on the back of the rug, stuck the other side of the tape to the tile floor and applied pressure.  We tried to run and slide on the rug and the UGlu held it down.  It did not slip.

Later we attached strips to objects like a six pound battery and a large telephone.  Both stuck to a large piece of wood and show no signs of budging. 

Each three inch strip is supposed to support two pounds of weight.  So far, so good.

We took two shelf brackets and four strips of UGlu and stuck the brackets to the wall.  We added a piece of wood to the top side of the brackets, forming a quick and sturdy shelf.

Finally, we stuck two metal brackets together with one strip of UGlu.  Each bracket had holes in it.  We tied one rope into each bracket and had a tug-o-war.  The UGlu held!  We tried to tear the brackets apart but the UGlu was too strong!

"Does it Work?"  We give UGlu a yes!

We got UGlu at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $9.99.

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