Bob Barker makes a generous donation to Chimp Haven

Retired game-show host and animal rights advocate Bob Barker was in the ArkLaTex today for the dedication of a new habitat at Chimp Haven for five HIV-infected chimpanzees.

Bob Barker visits the ArkLaTex for the dedication of a new habitat at Chimp Haven and the price was definitely right after he made a major donation. At 5, we'll show you how much he donated and what it will be used for. 

Also at 5, a fun follow-up today on Domonique Benn Ksla story last week on a very special reunion for a local man and New Edition. We'll be there for the special delivery of a gift the group promised John Pannell after learning he still listens to their music on cassette tape! If you missed the original story, you'll find it here:

When diet and exercise just won't get rid of some genetic pockets of fat and you don't want surgery there's new fat-melting technology. At 5, we will show you how it will have you in and out of the doctor's office and back to work in an hour.

The State Fair of Louisiana has announced the theme for this year's fair: "Forever Fun." They also released the dates. Click here for more.

We have five lucky winners so far of our "Get Going Giveaway." Watch KSLA News 12 at 5 every weekday. Look for the cue to call and the secret word. The 12th caller with the secret word wins $100 in free gas.

In your community, Sylvan will again be hosting the "Amazing Reading Race" reading contest for students grades K-8 in Caddo, DeSoto, Webster and Bossier parishes. Here's how to sign up.

See you at 5.