Gerald Butler is coming back to the Ark-La-Tex for a new film

Millennium Films has confirmed their next major project will be an action thriller set in the White House, and bring Gerard Butler back to Hollywood South for his next movie.

One year after U-S Special Forces killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to neighboring Afghanistan. We'll take you there at 5.

Hey new moms. At 5, we have information from a new study about the effects of giving your newborn a pacifier and how much they breast feed. Is it a distraction or not?

Warmer weather is headed our way. How warm? StormTracker Steve has your forecast at 5.

Out "Get Going" Giveaway continues. Watch KSLA News 12 at 5 for the cue to call and the secret word. The 12th caller with the secret word wins $100 in free gas!

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