Salon owner speaks out on being accused of illegal injections

East Texas salon owner says injection parties are common

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An East Texas salon owner accused of giving illegal breast injections is speaking out from behind bars.  She's says she wasn't the only one giving them.

Jury selection begins in Lil' Boosie's murder trial. The popular rap artist's lyrics could come back to haunt him. We'll tell you how the identity of jurors are being protected.

School vouchers are now an issue for some private school parents. The new bill will allow students at under performing schools and whose parents fall in a certain salary bracket to apply to participating private schools. Some parents are speaking out saying they don't want public school students in their schools.

The wife of an ex-aide to John Edwards broke down on the witness stand Monday as she recounted how the candidate asked the couple to hide an affair he was having and justified using wealthy donors' money to do it.

The world's largest McDonalds is being built in London. We'll take a look at the Olympic sized restaurant.

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