May "Super Moon" expected to be bigger, brighter

May "Super Moon" expected to be bigger, brighter

The full moon has a reputation for trouble. It raises high tides, it makes dogs howl. It wakes you up on the middle of the night with beams of moonlight streaming through the drapes.

If a moonbeam wakes you up on the night of May 5th, 2012, you might want to get out of bed and take a look.

The Lunar Perigee, better known as a Super-Moon, is a full moon passing it's closest to the earth, and this May's Super Moon is expected to be as much as 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons of 2012.

Perigee full Moons come along once or twice a year. It will rise in the southeast and move to the southwest of May 5th and 6th. In addition to the Perigee Moon, look in the southwest sky prior to dawn to see Saturn to the northeast and the star Spica to the east.

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