Car crashes through Dollar General in North Shreveport

Car crashes through Dollar General in North Shreveport

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A car crashes through a dollar store. We'll tell you what caused the accident and whether anyone was hurt.

State education officials have released the application that private school administrators are to fill out to participate in Louisiana's new voucher tuition program. Now there's a deadline for schools wanting to accept those students. We'll tell you the deadline and what all of this could mean for your child.

Despite a veto threat from the White House, and opposition from conservatives in their own party, Republicans have pushed through the House a measure that would keep interest rates on millions of federal student loans from doubling this summer.

Today is the last big push for us to reach our $10,000 goal for the March of Dimes. You can still donate by going to our website! We'll tell you the grand total after tonight's telethon. Thank you to all who donated.

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