McDade House

If you live in Shreveport or Bossier you probably take our many hospitals for granted, but for those who live outside the cities, a hospital stay for a family member can be a hardship. What if you were from East Texas and your infant was admitted to the hospital in Shreveport.  Could you afford a hotel room until your child was well?  Where would you wash clothes or have a bite to eat? That's where the McDade house comes in. Over 18,000 guests have called the McDade house "home" in the last 16 years. They provide a place to lay your head, eat a meal and converse with others who "know what it's like."  The McDade provides rooms, meals, and laundry facilities, all at no charge to their grateful clients. No wonder they call the mcdade house the "Home with a heart". They deserve our communities' support. That's our view.