State Police is now involved in Saints wiretap investigation

Saints GM Mickey Loomis is at the center of an investigating that alleges he secretly listened in on opposing coaches at the Superdome.

The Louisiana State Police is looking into Saints wiretap allegations involving general manager Mickey Loomis. At 6, we'll have the latest in sports. Should the LSP be involved? Sound off in a web poll. It's also a hot topic on the KSLA News 12 Facebook Page.

If you're one of an unlucky 350,000 Internet users out there, your Internet connection could black out on July 9.

In an effort to clean up the mess left behind by an "Internet fraud ring," the FBI is urging Internet users to check their computers for an infection by a DNSChanger, a DNS redirecting malware that infected over 4.2 million computers, and could still affect many.

USAToday reports the annual United States Peace Index ranked Louisiana last for "most peaceful" state for the 11th year in a row.@

Some banks may have gotten rid of some fees, but they are still charging you a fortune in other areas. At 6, we'll show you what you can do about it.

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