March of Dimes - Baby Emma Grace

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The journey just to have a baby has been difficult for Melinda and Gerry Lummus. After two miscarriages, the couple finally got the greatest gift, baby Emma Grace. "We haven't even got to bring her home yet," said Gerry Lummus. "She's been in the hospital since day one. Through this all we have become stronger and God has made us the family we need to be.  He's held us the whole time and took care of us and our baby."

But now they are leaning on their faith again. Soon after her delivery at Rapides Women's and Children's hospital in Alexandria, doctors noticed Emma Grace had trouble eating and decided that she would need surgery.

The family decided to use the pediatric surgeons and neonatologists at Christus Schumpert Sutton's Children's Hospital in Shreveport. The March of Dimes has been instrumental in providing equipment needed for the neonatal intensive care unit.

They decided she needed a small feeding tube inside of the stomach. "When she won't take her bottle, we can feed her that way, where she can still get her nutrition and then grow up to be a healthy baby."

Thanks to the doctors, the march of dimes, and their faith.

"Me and my wife both decided we are going to leave it up to God and put it in his hands and let him take care of us and that's what he has done. Without him we wouldn't be here at this point."