Scientists say your aging immune system can fight cancer

We all know that as we age, some parts of the body don't work as well. Now, scientists are finding they can harness your aging immune system to fight some types of cancer. We'll explain at 5.

Small plane crashes in the Gulf of Mexico. Two F-15 fighter jets were scrambled to observe the airplane after the FAA lost contact with the lone pilot about 8am. The pilot was identified by friends as Dr. Peter Hertzak, a gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon from Slidell, LA.

We have just nine days left before the March of Dimes walk. Please donate to our KSLA Warrior team by clicking here. Thanks. Our next "run Before the Walk" is next Wednesday at Horseshow Casino.

Can we squeeze just one more nice day in the forecast? At 5, StormTracker 12 Meteorologist Kevin Roth is talking about chances of rain.

In your community, a date is now set for the 42nd Annual Linden Wildflower Trails of Texas Festival.

See you at 5.