8 Things You Should Never Say to A Mom

I'm sorry, did you just say I'm too young for so much grey hair?
I'm sorry, did you just say I'm too young for so much grey hair?

From Yahoo! Shine:

Parents are careful about what they say to their kids, but when comfort levels are high around mom friends, folks can get careless with their comments.

Here are 8 things you should never say to a mom, according to Yahoo! Shine:

  • "You're so dressed up!" could be interpreted as: "You always look like a slob. Nice of you to finally put some makeup on. What is wrong with you?"
  • "You look so tired" can sound like you noticing she's not at her best.
  • "You must really want a girl" is negative for expecting mothers who are thrilled to be having a baby regardless of gender.
  • "My son/daughter would love to have a play date with your child. When can I bring him/her over?" sounds like veiled attempt to get free babysitting.
  • "When did you get so gray?" can be heard as "you really let yourself go."
  • "When are you due?" should never be asked until you ask yourself if she's actually told you that she's pregnant.
  • "When are you going back to work?" implies that being at home with the kids isn't work, and strikes at the heart of mommy wars.
  • "I remember that stage. He/she will grow out of it" can come across as patronizing and dismissive.