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Organ donor gives E. Texas man a new life


Joseph Dowdy was 19 years old and full of life. His mother Pam Dowdy describes him as selfless and always willing to help others. But last year, Joseph died in an accident. But part of him would live on through Jacob Washburn, a man living with Cystic Fibrosis.

On Saturday, at the Southwest Transplant Alliance's "Celebration of Giving and Living" event, Jacob and his wife met Joseph's mother Pam Dowdy for the first time.

"Without him, I wouldn't be here and so we're just recognizing each other as family now," said Washburn.

Even though nothing can replace her son, Pam Dowdy says she has gained so much.

"Such a wonderful young man has such a wonderful gift, and I'm just honored and blessed to be able to meet him and thankful that I have a new family," said Dowdy.

Joseph Dowdy's heart saved a 56-year-old mother. One of his kidneys saved a 38-year-old woman and his liver saved a 55 year-old man.

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