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100-year-old woman takes flight of the century

For an East Texas woman's one-hundredth birthday, she wanted to see her life from a different view. So, her family bought her an aerial tour of Henderson from East Texas Helicopter.
It's a trip hovering right above memory lane. For Thelma Little's one-hundredth birthday, she wanted to see where she grew-up from a different view on life. 

"When I announced it at Sunday school last week, all of their mouths opened up, 'you going to do that?' and I said, 'Yes, I am.' They were all going to watch for the helicopter. I hope they did," said Little.  

Thelma's daughter held a list of 18 destinations around Henderson.

"It took me back to a lot of memories," said Little. 
The first one being where it all began. Thelma's childhood home is gone, but the land and memories are still alive. 

"Well, that kind of choked me up a little bit thinking about the things that had happened there and the fun we'd had and everything," said Little. "It was special, really special." 

Near her first home is the cemetery where many of her loved ones rest.

"All of my family is buried at the Wells Cemetery except one brother," said Little.

Thelma peered out the passenger window, watching all the ways her hometown has changed.

"It was worth the trip!" she said.     

As her journey continues to next year's birthday, Thelma says she's looking for another adventure. 

"Well, I'll just have to wait and see," she said. "You know, things are changing up so much no telling what we'll have by that time."

For now, she's just enjoying the ride, living her life one moment at a time, this moment in the sky.

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