A 14 year old drives into bayou, no one injured

Police say 14 year old drove into the bayou

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A car runs into a Bayou in South Shreveport.  Police say a 14 year old was behind the wheel.  KSLA News 12's Adam Hooper is on the scene and will have the latest details tonight at 10:00.

A local church holds a rally for Trayvon Martin. We'll tell you why they are saying it's important for ALL races to unite during this time.

Whitney Houston's autopsy report says detectives found white powdery substances and a spoon with white residue in the hotel room where she died. The report released Wednesday also shows that Houston had cocaine throughout her system.

Florida officers disciplined for speeding, one accused of speeding 50 times in 1 year!

Pat and I kicked off another run for the babies. Today we ran from GM-Shreveport. We still need your help and I am even up for a challenge from our viewers if you will donate. What are you challenging me to do (be easy on me)...in order for you to donate to our team. You can donate now at ksla.com

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