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Does It Work?: Violent Lip Tattoos

By Joe Terrell

Recently, we brought you a story about Magnetix. It's a nail polish that, when wet, interacts with a magnet and forms patterns that stay when they dry.

Now, there's another funky make-up product you may want to try: Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos. They sparkle or look like a checkerboard, or in this particular case give your lips a wild look.

Christine Smith agreed to show us her wild side with Leopard spotted Violent Lips.

"I've seen them," Christine said.

She sounds pretty excited, so let's line up the lips. You get three of the same type in a package. They're pretty much a temporary tattoo: a sort of rubbery plastic that sticks with water.

Christine very wisely looked at the instructions which is something that rarely occurs to me.

"Shape your lips wide open with the ahhh shape.  Next, measure you lips length and cut on the dotted vertical lines," she read.

Christine lined up her lips covers and snipped away the excess on the sides, and did the same for the height of her lips. Never really thought of lips height before.

"All right, show time, guys," Christine announced.

Christine held the Violent Lips to her non-violent lips starting in the middle, and pushed the tattoo down.

"It says apply water. Do you have water?" Christine said.

Uh…yeah, sure, I'm always prepared, thanks to the magic of television.

Christine dabbed her lips and…

"Oh my gosh," she commented.

So, the same treatment to the bottom lip and…

"I think I went a little off-center here," she admitted.

That may be why they give three in a package.

"Oh, yeah, now I'm cool," She said.

Cool, but she says they feel weird: like she has stickers on her lips, which she does.

She dabbed down some ragged edges.

"Is that better?" Christine asked.

Yes, actually.

So, Christine, what do you think? Does it work?

"Yes, I have leopard print lips now," She answered.

So, we and Christine, give it a yes.

The Violet Lips tattoos are available online for about 15 dollars. They come off with anything oil-based, like Vaseline or mineral oil.

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