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In a few minutes, we will know if there is a winner in tonight's Mega Millions.  Americans put out a lot of money for an infinitesimally small chance to win tonight's Mega Millions. An estimated $1.5 billion in tickets have been snatched up for the $640 million jackpot. The money spent on tickets could buy groceries for 238,000 households for a year.

Plus, a big donation to the KSLA News 12 March of Dimes team "KSLA Warriors". Thanks to Kirk Lavigne for his $1,000 to our team. We are well on our way to reaching our $10,000 goal. If you are looking for a reason to give, just watch my story about Baby Jaxson!  Then go to and click the March of Dimes banner to donate.

Josh Springer continues to make strides in his recovery after a motorcycle accident left him in a coma.  At first doctors say the outcome was grim, but his family relied on their faith.  for the first time he is taking his first steps since the accident.  We'll show you tonight at 10:00.

An Angelina County jury has found a former Lufkin nurse guilty of capital murder in connection to the deaths of five patients. She now faces no better than life in prison for the crime and could be put to death.

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