Mega million mania is out of control

The Mega Millions jackpot continued its jaw-dropping climb Friday, increasing to $640 million - the world's largest jackpot. The cash value of the jackpot, also a world record, is $462 million. Lotto sales have skyrocketed. So what are your chances now? When is the drawing? Click here to find out!

A top credit card company is dealing with a potential security breach. At 6, we'll tell you what you should do if you own a Mastercard.

In your community, how much do you know about the military? There's a seminar coming up that you may be interested in attending.

It seems the popularity of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody pops into our cultural consciousness every few years. The latest popular incarnation is sung by Robert Wilkinson, of Edson, Alberta, who was arrested for drunken driving but still managed to sing the entire six-minute song in the back of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police cruiser. Click here for the performance that's gone viral…and here to tell us what you would sing, if you found yourself drunk in the back of a police cruiser (hypothetically, of course)! Some pretty good suggestions already there on the KSLA News 12 Facebook Page. 

School bus outruns tornado with students on board. Amazing video.  

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