Are you feeling lucky? Mega Million reaches record jackpot

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Today marks two years since the murder of a DeSoto Parish boy.  Find out how you can help remember Justin Bloxom this morning.  Plus, we've added a link to the Justice for Justin facebook page under our links in the news section.

Grab your hoodie, skittles and tea.  Another local group is holding a march for Trayvon Martin.  Meanwhile, a new witness has come forward in the controversial case.

Texas Governor Rick Perry is getting a taste of "pink slime." This morning he explains why he thinks you shouldn't be grossed out.

Apparently millions of people across the country are feeling pretty lucky.
They're taking their shot at the biggest lottery jackpot in history:  $540,000,000!  What would you do if you won?  Go to the KSLA News 12 facebook page to leave your comment.

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