Now billboards are on buses

Bowie County school buses will now be rolling with ads on the side, in an effort to bring in more cash to help cover the county's school transportation costs and keep more cash flowing into classrooms. We'll explain how it works, and show you their first rolling school bus billboard on KSLA News 12 at 6:00.

The flood waters have begun to recede from last week's storms in the hard-hit Natchitoches Parish village of Natchez, but high water remains, making it difficult for residents to get back into their homes and begin the cleanup. KSLA News 12's Adam Hooper spent the day in the area talking with residents and village leaders about the challenges they're facing. Here's a preview of his story, coming up on KSLA News 12 at 6:00.

In your community, get ready for some Hot Jazz on the Red coming up soon.

More details are emerging as passengers recount the terrifying moments during a JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas Tuesday as the pilot suffered some kind of mid-flight meltdown.

Tougher punishment for copper thieves. That's what one Louisiana lawmaker wants. At 6, we'll tell you about his proposal.

Financial planners say getting a big tax refund is supposed to make you feel guilty. Are they right?

Lottery fever! No one picked the six correct numbers in the latest multi-state Mega Millions lottery game, sending the jackpot to a record $476 million for the Friday drawing.

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