Ark-La-Tex rallies for Trayvon

Ark-La-Tex rallies for Trayvon

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Local residents put their hoodies up and Skittles out for justice. We'll show you how Ark-La-Tex residents are marching for Trayvon.

ONLY ON KSLA News 12: Desoto Parish D.A. discusses Trayvon Martin's death

We'll take a look at Texas and Louisiana "Stand Your Ground" Laws and tell you how they impact you.

A Louisiana lawmaker says the fallout from the Saint's bounty scandal could hurt the local economy. Representative Cameron Henry introduced a resolution to ask the NFL to reconsider penalties imposed on the saints.

A new superintendent has been named for the Marshall ISD. We'll tell you who he is and where he comes from!

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Natchitoches Parish seeks federal funding for flood recovery.

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