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How LA picks GOP delegates

On Saturday, Louisiana residents will go to the polls to cast a ballot for their Presidential candidate of choice, but the process isn't over then. Louisiana has 46 delegates to send to the national convention, but 20 is the most they will give out during the primary. Louisiana still has a caucus.

After the primary, any candidate with more than 25% of the vote with get that percentage of the 20 delegates. Any of the 20 delegates not given during the primary will become at large delegates, to be designated during the State Convention.

On April 28th the Louisiana Republican Party will hold local caucuses at 30 locations across the state to choose delegates to the state convention. It's those state delegates who choose how to split up the rest of Louisiana's national delegates among the candidates.

If you want to run to be a state delegate, you have to register and pay a filing fee. Any registered republican can show up at the local caucuses to vote. For more information on state caucuses click here.

"This process offers grass roots voters and activists a better opportunity to work for their candidate and get a piece of the action than a winner take all or some other process," said Caddo Republicans Chairman, Jimmy Allen.

The State Convention will be held on June 2nd at the Shreveport Convention center.

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