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Concerned citizens say all the trash stinks


It has become a growing problem in the Arklatex; litter has started lining our roads, filling our flower beds, and floating through our streams. Concerned citizens like Adam Willard of Bossier City say they have grown tired of seeing their city turn into a trash can.

"Somebody has got to pick it up sooner or later. It's not going to disappear," said Willard.

Along with other concerned citizens, Willard helped form a group called Red River Cleanup three years ago. They have picked up thousands of yards of garbage along the Red River and surrounding areas. However, Willard said things have not gotten any better.

"This is home and the way home has started to look is unacceptable."

Ernie Negrete has worked for Shreveport's Office of Public Works for the past 20 years. He is a supervisor for the Streets and Drainage department which is responsible for picking up trash along roadways. There are only 12 paid city employees who are designated to collect garbage.

"Certainly the more numbers we have the more areas we can cover," said Negrete.

The workers drive ahead of the city's mowing crew and pick up trash in the way.

"We spend about $250,000 on just these 12 people."

The only other people who work with the city to collect garbage have been those working off community service on the weekends.

Willard said he wants to challenge residents to stop tossing trash out the window and put it in its place in an effort to make his home down beautiful again.

The Red River Cleanup will be involved in a cleanup at the Duck Pond in Shreveport of Kings Highway Saturday, March 24.

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