Drew Brees talks on bounty situation

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Drew Brees wants a long-term extension with the Saints completed before the club's offseason training program begins in April. The quarterback also says he is concerned about how New Orleans is being portrayed in the wake of the NFL's bounty investigation.  Brees said, he does not know all the facts about the bounty scandal. But he says the notion that numerous Saints players intended to hurt opposing players and end their careers is "far from the truth."

George Clooney and his father were arrested Friday during a protest outside the Sudanese Embassy, and the actor said he has asked President Barack Obama to engage China on stopping a humanitarian crisis in northern Africa.

Two Berkeley-based architects have taken recycling to another level. They've built their mostly solar-powered home out of recycled materials, including parts from 104 junked cars. We'll take a look at their green home, which features lots of different car paint colors.

A New York man wakes to find a snake in his toilet! The photos you've got to see, coming on KSLA News 12 after the game.

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There's controversy over an anti-Obama bumper sticker with obvious racial overtones.   We get reaction.

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