Local teachers in Baton Rouge protesting Education Reform plan

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A bill that would change tenure requirements for Louisiana educators headed to the full Louisiana House today for debate, and dozens of teachers from schools in Northwest Louisiana have headed there to protest. Adam Hooper is tracking down just how many teachers were in Baton Rouge today instead of in their classrooms.

It's possible that the Caddo Parish Commission's plans to honor veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars won't involve a parade after all .

Is there too much pressure to breast-feed? Current recommendations from experts urge new mothers to breast-feed their newborns for the first six months of life. But, a new survey out of Scotland suggests that for many women, this expectation just isn't realistic. It's a Hot Topic on the KSLA News 12 Facebook Page . Let us know what you think.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, Baton Rouge Metro Area ranks #1 in the nation for its rate of AIDS cases. We'll tell you which community has been hit the hardest.

CrazyBracket: You're my boy, blue!  Uniform color is crucial. The comparative badness of mascots cannot be discounted. The actual quality of the teams is significant, if you care enough to check on stuff like that. Did you take team colors into account when choosing your brackets? Share your thoughts here on the KSLA News 12 Facebook Page

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