Group says hot dogs cause butt cancer

"Hot dogs cause butt cancer" sign is making some people think

Would this billboard keep you from eating hot dogs? A group called Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is hoping the phrase, "hot dogs cause butt cancer" is enough to make drivers in Chicago think.

We're now hearing the 9-1-1 calls from passengers on the American Airlines plane when a flight attendant had a verbal outburst. It happened Friday on a Dallas-to-Chicago flight. People on the plane say the female flight attendant got on the intercom, saying she wasn't responsible for the plane's safety. We'll have audio from the call.

A 13 year old Werner Park student was arrested today for possession of a BB gun which was in the student's backpack, according to school leaders. They also tell us he was arrested for suspected alcoholic beverage.

Some Louisiana public school systems are canceling a day of classes as teachers prepare to head for the state Capitol, where battles are brewing over Gov. Bobby Jindal's education proposals.

They're high stakes contests for each of the candidates. Mitt Romney hopes to finally put a southern state in his column. Newt Gingrich needs wins to stay in the race, while Rick Santorum hopes to knock Gingrich out of the competition completely.