Lawmakers to discuss drug testing for welfare recipients

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Louisiana lawmakers will once again discuss a plan to require drug testing for welfare recipients. We'll tell you when they plan to discuss the hot topic and how it will affect those on welfare.

Some Bank of America customers will soon see their mortgages shrink by 100-thousand-dollars or more.It's part of the 26-billion-dollar settlement reached last month. Five major banks were accused of having employees sign and process hundreds of foreclosures a day with no knowledge of the cases.

President Barack Obama is declaring "America is coming back" as the nation's economic recovery picks up speed. Obama spoke at the first of two political fundraisers in Texas on the same day as a new report showed February was another strong month of job creation.

Plus, Mitt Romney is eager to connect with Southern voters. Romney is touting his business credentials as he tries to pick up Southern votes ahead of Tuesday's primaries in Alabama and Mississippi. Romney will be in Shreveport later this month.

A flight attendant in Texas caused a major disruption on an airplane. You'll hear how she did it.

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