Mitt Romney is coming to Shreveport

Mitt Romney is making a visit to Shreveport just one day before the Louisiana Presidential Primary. The invitation-only reception is pricy, ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 per person.

Caddo school bus rear ended during afternoon run. Only one student of the 15 on the bus complained about an injury after the mid-afternoon accident that happened on Canal St.

Did you know exercise changes the makeup of your DNA? Yep. We'll show you how at 5.

Smokers waste 5 weeks a year taking smoke breaks, survey shows.  The research polled nearly 500 people and found 30% of those people spent more than an hour each day smoking. This equals more than half a working day per week. Factor out three weeks vacation and two weeks of holidays and you're looking at more than 200 hours a year - or more than five typical working weeks - wasted.

See you at 5.