Not just Texas seeing gun-buying surge

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Gun sales jumped well over 30-percent last month in Texas, compared to February 2011, but the Lone Star State isn't the only place where gun sales are booming.  There have also been substantial jumps in Arkansas and Louisiana, as well.

The gun-buying surge appears to be fueled, at least partly, by concerns about possible changes in gun control laws if President Barack Obama is elected to a second term.

Texas gun owner Robert Moore warned, "this is the most crucial election we've ever had in America."

In Shreveport, Max's Pawn Shop Store Manager Curt Smith said he too is seeing a surge in gun buying.  "Our handguns have really just gone crazy.  We can't keep handguns."

At that store alone, on Linwood Avenue in south Shreveport, Smith estimates that firearm sales are up 20-percent this year.  But while he's heard some grumbling about a second Obama term as a motive to buy, the opportunity to do so is only made possible right now because of tax return checks beginning to arrive locally.

But, at least part of what's driving the current surge in firearms purchases in places like Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana 'is' the uncertainty about what Congress as a whole might consider down the road.

"You just never know what Congress is going to do about guns, you know.  They keep fighting and fighting and fighting over the 2nd amendment.  You know, when it's pretty clear what it means to me," added Smith.

Smith concluded, however, "I'm not that concerned about it because I don't think the Obama Administration can change the (gun) law(s)."  And that's not just because of the millions of Americans who enjoy hunting and guns, but also confidence in watchdog groups like the NRA to stay vigilant.

Here's a breakdown of just how much sales have gone up last month, compared to February 2011, according to the FBI database on those instant background checks made during a typical gun purchase.  Texas saw the largest increase at 32-percent.  Arkansas saw an 18-percent jump while Louisiana was one percent behind that at a 17-percent in those instant background checks for firearm sales.

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